Sophie Adams |

Artist, Developer, and Designer

Brooklyn, NY

I'm a visual artist and developer born and raised in NYC. My work combines my passion for art, comedy, fashion, and design with my love of computers.

I've partnered with both large and small entities on a myriad of projects. I love working on new ideas and I'm always up for creating something fun.

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Some examples

Below are some fun projects I've worked on lately. If you'd like more information or samples, please let me know!


The Daily Show / Comedy Central

Tweet generator that creates a custom Donald Trump Tweet with built in social sharing. Standalone website and iPad app built exclusively for the Donald Trump Presidential Twitter Library. Created with Meteor and MongoDB, includes full AWS, YouTube, and Twitter integration.

Commander-in-Tweet Commander-in-Tweet on Comedy Central Commander-in-Tweet on Forbes

Best Sport Bracket

Fully responsive bracket that included live voting and updating results, and utilized a Google Doc as a database. Created with HTML, CSS, JS/jQuery, and Mustache

Bracket on Funny or Die Explore Assets

360 Video / VR Experience

360 video designed designed for VR experiences. Developed with jQuery, aframe.js, with custom CSS and HTML.


Hillary Clinton Paper Doll

Paper doll game created with CSS, HTML, Canvas, and jQuery. Click to add/remove clothes and accessories in order to make Clinton more likeable

Make Hillary More Likeable on FUnny or Die


GifCap was a custom iPhone app that recorded video, converted it to a gif with a funny caption, then allowed the user to save or share the image on social platforms.

GifCap on Product Hunt Explore GifCap

Kitten Chat

Beta kitten chat room with movable/draggable avatars. One connection = one kitten. Built using node.js,, jQuery, CSS, and HTML.

Kitten Chat

Bolthouse Farms Microsite

PHP powered microsite with MySQL database, dynamic file upload form, and custom confirmation emails.


Momentum / Smooth

Custom plugin for smooth, randomized movements. Calculates random destinations within the container, then smoothly moves the object at random speeds